Fangirls of the Apocalypse

A Fangirl Is Never Alone

The Fangirls of the Apocalypse
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We, the Fangirls of the Apocalypse come to herald the end for you puny mortals! Tremble and fear! For we have assembled and the end is upon you- shortly, the Mauve Army shall overrun your civilizations with their ranks and all shall be subjected to our rule! (We'll have joint custody with kuchenhexe, of course.)

The Fangirls

Death, Rider of the Pale Horse: The leader, appointed as such by the others and entirely against her will. She is considered the 'alpha bitch', and goes by a variety of names besides Death, including but not limited to, UO, Unoriginality, and Edward. She primarily works in the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom, slowly taking it over from the inside out. She also has holds in the Escaflowne and Slayers fandoms.

War, Rider of the Red Horse: Commander of the army. Also known as Krill (and sometimes as Jean by Death). The obvious one who brings the swords, guns, and other conspicuous items of the battlefield. When not conspiring to bring about the apocalypse, she writes fanfiction for Saint Seiya and Fullmetal Alchemist, using subliminal messages to slowly brainwash her readers.

Famine, Rider of the Black Horse: Supplies and Sabotage. Also known as Ani (and sometimes as Maria by Death). Tricks the ignorant masses by acting like an idiot, then MOVES IN FOR THE KILL. :O Has a horrid memory and is infamous for having highly selective hearing. ('What? I didn't hear you.')

Plague, Rider of the White Horse: Espionage and Infiltration, as well as Court Jester. Using her semi-photographic memory, she will drown you in useless facts and arcane knowledge. Don't be fooled by the cute and cuddly image. Also known as Joni, the fuzzy, black kitten, and Koneko-chan (and sometimes as Fletcher by Death).

The Plan

Classified. Duh. But the hour of your doom is ever-approaching.

The Kittens

Bought for the group by Plague, these kittens are our mascots and most trusted animal advisors and protectors. Don't cross these kitties.

Boots: An orange tabby that belongs to Death. Begrudgingly shares couch space with a gray elephant given to Death by War. Best friend is a small gray and white kitten called Earendil, and has personal war declared on a fuzzy gold plotbunny named Satan Spawn Bunny (or the S.S. Bunny).

Fordon: A long-haired calico that belongs to War. Fordon spends his nights on War's bed, where he chases away the muses and plot bunnies, so War can actually get some sleep. During the day, he is in charge of keeping the war between the FF7:AC, FMA and StS action figures on War's desk from destroying her room. Now Boots knows. :)

Figaro: A black and white tuxedo kitty belonging to Famine. Lives on a keyboard with Tad, and probably simultaneously picks on and protects Tad. Figaro is also known to haunt the Plushie Watchtower with Scamper the schnauzer, Kurama, Kuroneko-sama, Tramp, and Kilala.

Tad: A mouthy siamese belonging to Plague. Moves around a bit, sometimes living on the keyboard with Figaro, sometimes on the desk with The Herd(tm), The Llamas, and Tukker the border collie.

The Motto

"A fangirl is never alone."

... that and "all your base are belong to us" but who doesn't have that motto?