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Fangirls of the Apocalypse
A Fangirl Is Never Alone
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5th-Jun-2006 05:25 pm(no subject)
Side B - Ken+Aya - Chamber The Cartridge
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Look at this, FotA, the Mauve Army has its first new recruit (well, on LJ anyway). A big welcome to our Insomnia!

Anyway, this has brought to my attention that we might like to know who is already a member. That said, I have decided to post my List Of Members, or rather List Of Posts Occupied By Members And Posts Yet To Be Occupied. As we gain new recruits, the List shall be modified. For ease of reading, I have put the captains and lieutenants under the general they work for.

Starting with our illustrious leader-

General Death, Supreme Overlord of the Mauve Army
Chaos, Death's personal and administrative assistant (what rank would Chaos hold? *ponders*)(rosaleendhu)
Capt- Envy
Lt- Kindness and Betrayal

General War, Commander of the Armed Forces
Capt- Pride (authorkun)
Lt- Humility and Arrogance
Capt- Wrath (Crystal)
Lt- Patience and Hissyfits (Leighannah - and apologies to her if I butchered the spelling of her name)

General Famine, Commander of Supply and Communication
Capt- Gluttony
Lt- Abstinence and Indigestion
Capt- Greed
Lt- Liberality and Deceit

General Plague, Commander of Espionage and Diplomacy (unnoficially Court Jester and Scribe)
Capt- Sloth (Cassie)
Lt- Diligence and Insomnia (wilwarinandamar)
Capt- Lust (teena_chan)
Lt- Chastity and One Night Stand

A preliminary list of rights and responsibilities to follow, as soon as Plague isn't being plagued by schoolwork.
Also- The generals have icons, should the captains and lieutenants have icons as well? If so, how should we go about making them?

Comments, Questions, Concerns?
15th-Apr-2006 06:21 pm - for your perusal and contemplation...
FotA: War
It is under consideration that any really prudish countries shall be taken over while the army is naked. Thusly, they will be so shocked by the army of naked woman that they will be unable to fight back. This may also work on any particularly horny countries.

However, any soldiers will have the option of wearing underpants. Simply because some of them are going to be mounted and War can't imagine being on a horse while completely naked.

This plan can be blamed on Plague, although she will deny it. She brought up Lady Godiva. It went on from there.
10th-Apr-2006 09:32 pm - the-month-that-shall-not-be-named
So... question of the month (literally)... is April out to get us? And if so, who is orchestrating this plot? I believe it to be a competing fangirl army trying to stop our bid for world domination before it has a chance to really get started. Discuss.
9th-Mar-2006 11:38 pm - ...oops
FotA: War
Not the best first step in world domination.

If it makes you feel better, War died about 100 miles out from Independence City

FotA: War
Some of the more...interesting...communities our Generals share community interests with (subtitles, not usernames):

Those who must be defeated or assimilatedCollapse )
We should really start scoping them out and gathering intelligence. They are, after all, our enemies and may try to get in on our glory once we start usurping governments.
FotA: War
The Mounts of the Apocalypse. Because riding the kittens would be difficult, even if we were to find the power of Greyskull.

Death: Needs to get back to her subordinates about what she actually wants to ride. After long discussion, we tentatively say a Paso Fino, being that they are strong, intelligent, and decidedly pale. But Death has to agree first.

Plague: Shall ride a white andalusian stallion in state functions. With a supplemental stable of less obvious horses, of course. Possibly including a few mules.

War: Strong, smart and sturdy, the Russian Don is her chosen battle horse. She'll have a stallion available at all times for battle, and a gelding for when she's mapping out enemy terrain. In addition, she'll keep a small stable of other horses, including a deep chestnut Arabian stallion for state functions.

Famine: The lucky girl, she doesn't need to supplement. Her breed, the Friesian, has it all. Brains, beauty, stamina. Big and black, she cuts an imposing image as she rides through the night to perform her duties.
6th-Mar-2006 12:49 pm - On the Origins of Fangirls...
A long time ago in a gal-

Wait, no, this didn't happen so very long ago, and it really wasn't that far from here. On a freezing cold October night, October 7th, 2005, to be exact, four girls met on a sidewalk... and talked... and there history was born.
How can a night so frozen be so scalding hot?

Oh, last night was fun. Sat outside in the middle of a sidewalk for two hours last night, not realizing, having too much fun talking to some people from anime club. So we finally realize that we're all freezing solid and maybe should move inside ;) (I know, big revelation there considering it was like 30 degrees out). So I ask what time it is, figuring maybe 11 cause we'd gone out there at like 10:15 or something. It's 10 after midnight! OMFG! Then we ended up talking till 4 in the morning anyway. Ani and I discovered that McDonald's starts serving breakfast around 4:30. That made me sad, I wanted fries. Oh well. Pancakes were good, too. So I got about five hours of sleep last night. yay.

After anime club last night, Joni and I went outside and got to talkin with peoples, and we all ended up awake till 5 AM. :B

Last night and this morning were marked by two hours of sitting on a University of Nebraska sidewalk discussing FMA with three other girls from anime club.

Now, that would have been interesting enough, except it was followed by four MORE hours of discussing fandoms, FMA and fic writing (we were very alliteration-conscious) in the dorm room of one of those girls.

It was...incredibly fun, in a surreal, "woah" sort of way.

Little did we all know that from that one, isolated experience, would come something we all freely admit we would not have survived the ensuing months without. The beginnings of a beautiful friendship... and the beginning of the end for those puny mortals who oppose us.

Ph34r, world, for a fangirl is never alone...
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